Lego 60181 – Forest Tractor

Here is a nice city set for those who have the older Logging Truck set (60059). The Forest Tractor is a new 2018 set with exactly one hundred and seventy five pieces and shows besides the green Tractor, a single mini-figure and some accessories such as a couple of trunks, a chain saw and a small tree.

I like this tractor. It’s sturdy, capable of handling with the trunk’s weight and best of all, it has a nice winch with claws that can easily grab the wood. The engine is placed at the front and the cabin is particularly big, all made of glass with several handlers on the inside not only for the winch but also for the vehicle itself.

The roof is easily removable and features also a few different colored lights. Two additional notes, not only for the extra large wheels, typical of these tall vehicles, but also for the side ladders that help the worker to climb up to the cabin.

At the back, the fun begins with the winch. It can easily assume several positions and angles that allow it to grab the wood and put it for instance up on a truck. Nearby there are also a couple of clips to store the chain saw and a shovel.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent City set, especially if you pretend to add it to some similar vehicles. The playability is good but it’s a shame that there’s only one mini-figure. The set should be available next month with a retail price around the twenty dollars. Enjoy it!          

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