Lego 60178 – Speed Record Car

Here is a nice ten dollars set. The new Speed Record Car is a City set with only seventy eight pieces with a pretty color scheme and a mini-figure, the pilot, wearing a traditional Octan red and green suite with a big printed logo.

At the front, the long orange nose hides a tiny wheel but capable of reaching several hundred miles per hour. The cockpit is protected by a big aerodynamic windshield and inside the pilot has the usual: a seat (where is stays almost lying down…) and a steering wheel (better not to move it quickly).

At the back, two bigger wheels are responsible for transmitting all the power that come from the engines to the ground. The engines are placed on both sides and have a nice and big flame. Finally, at the back there’s also a big stabilizer, with some nice stickers that ensure that the car gets stuck to the track.

Overall, it is absolutely a pretty decent entry set. The car looks good, the mini-figure, despite not having a single accessory, looks great and best of all, it won’t take long until it hits shelves. Have a look at the pictures and enjoy!

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