Lego 60177 – Airshow Set

Let’s have a short look to a new cool 10 dollars city set, the Airshow Set. Eighty seven pieces, an aircraft with a few interesting details and good handling and a single mini-figure is all that we’ll find in a pretty but small box.

This high speed airplane despite being basic has a quite interesting design. The long nose presents a nice cockpit for the pilot with a large windshield (which opens widely) that covers the entire space and inside the pilot has the essential: a couple of handlers and a seat to maneuver the exhibition machine.

The landing gear has three little tiny wheels but give that aircraft the appropriate balance. The wings look good with a few stickers and a couple of lights, and the tail, which mixes red with blue – a good contrast – exhibit, besides the bunch of additional stickers, a powerful engine and the usual stabilizer.

Overall for ten bucks, I guess that we can’t ask for more. The plane look cool, it has a nice aesthetic and a good color scheme, the mini-figure wears a nice suite with the colors of the plane and best of all, it’s already available on stores. Enjoy it!

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