Lego 60176 – Wild River Escape

Here is a new Police set that has no road vehicles. And it’s pretty interesting for sure! The new Mountain Police Set has a bit more than hundred pieces and features a Police speed boat, a red raft and two mini-figures (a robber and a police) with additional accessories that includes a big box with stolen jewels.

With a single brick for the hull, the blue speed boat is however built with plenty of small pieces which give it a pretty cool look. The cockpit has a large windshield and inside the police has the usual seat and some handlers to maneuver the boat. Just behind it, there’s a small black bar with two emergency lights as well as the two powerful engines.

Looking at the red raft, it is at least quite unusual and just like the boat, built with many small pieces. In the center there is space for the box with the jewels and the crock has to seat on one of the edges to paddle energetically. The little skunk is also very funny and seems to have a good balance on the top of the raft.

Globally, it’s a very interesting deal for around fifteen dollars. The speed boat and the raft look pretty nice and are absolutely a good addition to this sub-theme and the mini-figures once again are quite accurate. Enjoy it!

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