Lego 60165 – 4×4 Response Unit

The 4×4 Response Unit is a new City set with three hundred and forty seven pieces that will shortly be available on retail and just like the rest of the Coast Guard family, it has everything to be a great success.

As you can see in the picture, the box features a sturdy 4×4 vehicle with a trailer, a rescue boat with plenty of accessories inside, a small boat in flames, a signaling buoy, a red octopus to complete the scenario and three mini-figures (two coast guards and the guy from the boat) with additional at the 4×4, I think that sturdiness is the most correct word to define it. It’s not very big but the suspension and the big grid, right at the front, gives it a really powerful look. The six studs wide from the windshield indicate that inside there’s room for two figures as well as the usual steering wheel. At the back, the trunk shows some reasonable space, probably to transport some tools and of course the guy from the broken

The trailer, with the usual attaching mechanism looks long and seems to be built with plenty of small pieces. However, with smaller wheels than the truck, it shows all the necessary features to transport the red inflatable boat safely. Having a look at this one, it’s not properly a new model but the small black cab at the back distinguishes it from the rest. Inside there is a considerable space for the pilot and additional accessories.

Globally that’s another Coast guard set for sure. The playability is in high levels with these two elements, the three mini-figures are quite accurate as usual and the extra stuff such as the octopus and the buoy are always a good addition to the collection. The set should retail next June with a price around the forty dollars. Enjoy it!

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