Lego 60162 – Jungle Air Drop Helicopter

The Jungle Air Drop Helicopter is a new City set that will shortly be available on stores and definitely the biggest of the new Jungle sub-theme, showing one thousand and two hundred and fifty pieces and an endless number of stuff to play with and enjoy.

This is absolutely a set with a huge list of vehicles, features and nice details. Have a look: A big and unusual helicopter carrying a big rack with two motorcycles and plenty of additional accessories, a big Jungle car, a watch tower with a powerful winch, a boat with research equipment, an island with a tricky bridge, several different animals ( a tiger, a crocodile and a spider ), and finally seven Jungle mini-figures. That’s surely a lot!Lego-60162-Jungle-Air-Drop-Helicopter-city-4

The Heli is absolutely fantastic with two big side propellers. The cockpit is bigger than usual with seats for two guys and best of all, the entire structure is prepared to transport a big quantity of material as well as two nice motorcycles. Looking at the design, it’s absolutely a mix between a heli and an airplane.Lego-60162-Jungle-Air-Drop-Helicopter-city-1

The watch tower has a small harbor nearby and a powerful winch that will put the research material inside the boat which is also pretty unusual and definitely a good addition in terms of playability. The cargo space at the front and the full covered cabin are definitely a couple of major points.Lego-60162-Jungle-Air-Drop-Helicopter-city

The car looks very sturdy with the extra large tires and features at the front a small winch that will help moving the big totem and get the treasure inside. The bridge is also tricky and shows a small trap that can be triggered through a knob placed aside.  All around there is also plenty of vegetation and a new poisonous plant.Lego-60162-Jungle-Air-Drop-Helicopter-city-2

Globally, it’s surely a pretty interesting set and a must if you like this subtheme. The playability and beauty are huge, the mini-figures are also in good number but the heli is absolutely, in my opinion, a reason to achieve it. The set should be available in June with a retail price around the hundred and thirty dollars. Enjoy it!Lego-60162-Jungle-Air-Drop-Helicopter-city-3

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