Lego 60157 – Jungle Starter Set

The Jungle Starter set is a new city set that will hit stores next summer and a good opportunity to get a new subtheme entry set without having to spend much money. With around hundred pieces, the set features a yellow boat, a tree with a tricky trapdoor, a crocodile and three mini-figures (two workers and a scientist) with assorted accessories that include a digital camera, a magnifying glass and a box with a couple of tools.

The tree is rather unusual because it’s built with small pieces, showing at the base a small hideout with a few golden coins. In the branches, the researchers will also have to be careful with the big green snake.Lego-60157-Jungle-Starter-Set-city

The Team’s boat looks also pretty cool because, just like the tree, it’s made with bricks instead of the traditional inflatable models. The pilot has a central seat with some handlers, and at the back, beside the space for the toolbox, there are also a couple of powerful engines and propellers to ensure the boat the appropriate speed.Lego-60157-Jungle-Starter-Set-city-1

The mini-figures are new and they’re definitely accurate with pretty nice suits, being for sure a good extra reason to achieve the set. The Jungle starter set should be available on stores with a retail price around the ten dollars.

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