Lego 60156 – Jungle Buggy

Here’s a good chance of getting a new City Jungle set without having to spend too much money. The Jungle Buggy is probably the smallest set in this wave, only with fifty three but there it features some nice elements that surely worth the money.

The box as you can see includes A Jungle Buggy with a different design, a mini-figure (a jungle explorer) with a couple of accessories, a spider and a totem with a precious stone and some bushes nearby.Lego-60156-Jungle-Buggy-city

The buggy looks pretty cool and at the same time shows a few interesting details such as the side bars to protect the driver, a couple of clips at the back for the tools, and of course a reasonable seat for the driver.  At the front, there are a couple of lights and the wheels are placed on the edges, to surpass the obstacles.

The golden totem is very simple and it’s built in a small green plate with some bushes nearby. At the front, it has a small jewel that the jungle guy will certainly extra precaution when it’s time to remove it. Looking at him, he brings a nice printed suite and plenty of small details, which is definitely an extra reason to achieve the set.

Overall, for around seven bucks, we can’t ask for much more. The Buggy is cool, the mini-figure is new and the price is absolutely attractive. The set should be available on retail next June. Enjoy it!

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