Lego 60154 – Bus Station

The Bus Station is a new City set that will be available on retail next summer. With around four hundred pieces, it shows some pretty nice elements that will certainly fit on every city corner and of course a new City Bus with new features to enjoy.

Besides the Bus, the set includes a news stand with a garbage can nearby, a Bus stop, a street lamp, a dog, a couple of bicycles and six mini-figures (that’s surely a great quantity for a medium size set) with assorted accessories: the bus driver, the news stand seller, a couple of boys, girl in a wheel chair (recently released by Lego) and a Bus

The Bus is obviously the star and it’s definitely very good. With square shapes and a yellow and green color scheme, it presents a double wheel axis at the back and the front wheel slightly backwards. The roof can easily be detached and inside it’s possible to find plenty of space for six seats and the wheel chair. The back doors are also very large in order to let it the wheel chair or a baby

With plenty of windows everywhere, the driver has at the front a nice driving seat with the usual steering wheel and big rear mirror. At the back, there are a couple of clips that allow transporting a bicycle. It’s cute but nothing to do with reality. The Bus stop is quite simple but shows a couple of interesting things: at the corner, the bikes can be easily parked and there’s also a small platform, slightly erased that allows the wheel chair to access the bus easily.

The news stand is similar in terms of structure but instead of red, it is predominantly green.  It has nearby a garbage can and a street lamp and it seems to sell some newspapers as well as some fresh drinks. The mini-figures in my opinion are just regular but the wheel chair is surely an extra reason to buy the

Overall for around fifty dollars, it’s absolutely a must for city fans, especially if you missed the previous sets with buses. The vehicle is definitely very well conceived, showing all the important features, the bus stop and stand are simple but interesting and finally the number of figures is absolutely very appealing.

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