Lego 60150 – Pizza Van

The Pizza Van is a new 2017 City set that will shortly hit stores and perhaps one of my favorites until the moment. It looks absolutely fantastic, filled with plenty of nice details to enjoy (and also a few cons as well) as well as a great touch of playability.

The new Pizza Van has around two hundred and fifty pieces and features the Pizza Vehicle, a small red motorcycle, a round esplanade table with a green sunshade and a pizza slice on top and, finally, two mini-figures ( the pizzaiolo and a female costumer with a couple of accessories).lego-pizza-van-60150-city-5

The Van is definitely awesome. With a great color scheme, dark red and yellow) it shows a great design and plenty of functionality, especially in the business area. The front has a new grid, the rims are also different than the usual, but inside, the cockpit seems a bit poor with a few holes and no seat for the driver. The roof is easily detachable and features a big publicity

Right in the back, the fun begins with everything that is necessary to make some good pizzas. The oven is placed right next to the cockpit and shows a small control panel and an on/off light. In the bench, there are also all the ingredients and well as some dispensers and a small cash register.

The vehicle shows also a couple of tipper doors that easily move up and down which is good not only in terms of beauty but most of all if we think about playability, and finally, all around, there’s a bunch of different stickers that this time are surely an added

Globally it’s absolutely a fantastic set. The beauty and playability are certainly in high levels and it’s definitely a set that I won’t miss. The mini-figures are just average city characters but they looks really nice, the pizzaiolo is a good addition to any collection. The set should be available on general retail in the beginning of the year with a price around the twenty dollars.

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