Lego 60149 – 4×4 with Catamaran

The 4×4 with Catamaran is a new City set that has recently been released. With exactly one hundred and ninety eight pieces, it features a green 4×4 vehicle with a trailer, a beautiful Catamaran with a big sail and a couple of mini-figures with accessories.

The green 4×4 car definitely is not the prettiest in my opinion but it shows more than enough to handle with the Catamaran. With a powerful look and a compact design, it shows also a raised suspension and larger tires.  At the front the engine, as well as the lights, has for their protection a big black bar which gives to the car a sturdy look.Lego-60149-4x4-with-Catamaran-city-3

Inside there’s the usual, a steering wheel, some space for the figures and nothing more and on top, the roof has two pieces that detaches easily to access the interior. At the back, the trailer is basically a straight structure with a few fixing points but it will surely carry safely the catamaran for a safe trip.Lego-60149-4x4-with-Catamaran-city-2

The Catamaran is definitely the best part of the set. The sail shows a nice color scheme mixing orange with blue and green, and attaches to the boat through a nice technic piece that allows it to assume multiple angles. The Hulls are also nicely reproduced and allow the figures to seat on the edges. Once out of the water and on top of the trailer, the main sail can be easily detached and stored along the boat which is definitely very good when it’s time to hit the road.Lego-60149-4x4-with-Catamaran-city-1

Overall that’s definitely a lot to enjoy for twenty bucks! Despite my con in terms of the 4×4 vehicle design, the catamaran looks really good, the figures look also pretty accurate with nice suits and globally I think that we can’t ask for more in terms of playability. The set is already on stores and retails around the twenty dollars!

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