Lego 60147 – Fishing Boat

In a short look on eurobricks, I’ve passed through a picture of a new 2017 City set, the Fishing Boat. As a substitute of the 2011 model (4642) this new set has a bit more than hundred pieces and features besides the boat, two mini-figures (the pilot and a lady) with assorted accessories and a lot of fish that includes a shark and a new orange specie.

And I like it! It doesn’t have the yacht shapes of the previous model, but it has all the mandatory features in a nice fishing boat. The base piece seems to be the usual and I surely expect that it floats better than the other one. If you like stickers, there’s also the possibility of adding a couple with the mention “sport fishing”.lego-60147-fishing-boat-city

The bow is long and shows a long dark red line with a lifebuoy and a couple of spot lights. The cabin is protected through a small windshield and a structure on top that at the same time carries a nice communication antenna, a radar and a couple of extra navigation lights.

The pilot, as usual, has some handlers to maneuver the boat and a small seat. Right at the back, in the stern, there’s some extra space not only for the fisherman (it surely supports a third figure) but also for the fishing rods. The powerful engine ensures the appropriate strength to move the boat

Overall it’s seems a pleasant set, especially if the missed the past boat. It’s has two mini-figures which is good on such a small set and there are also some unusual elements to enjoy such as the orange fish and the red buoy. The Fishing boar should be available next winter with a retail price around the fifteen dollars.

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