Lego 60145 – Buggy

What a nice small City set. It shows color, playability and some interesting details to enjoy. This new Buggy has only eighty pieces and features only a red and white Dune Buggy with a single mini-figure, the pilot.

With some nice wheels, capable of surpassing any obstacle, this small Buggy looks absolutely sturdy. With the wheel axels placed on the edges, the front shows a couple of lights with stickers and a tow bar. The cockpit is quite large, according to the vehicle’s size and has no kind of doors or windshield, just a long protection bar which gladly opens widely, allowing a better access to the

Inside, besides the usual steering wheel and seat, there are a couple of manometers that, according to the images, seem a printed piece. Right behind it, the massive engine with six cylinders ensures the appropriate power to the vehicle. The back looks also pretty with two red lights and a small

Globally, it’s surely a great ten dollars set. The Buggy, with a nice color scheme, looks rather interesting and the pilot, no matter being a usual figure, is as always accurate. The set is already on retail just like the first 2017 City wave of sets. Enjoy it!

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