Lego 60142 – Money Transporter

The Money Transporter is a new Police set with around hundred and fifty pieces that features a nice Police Vehicle with plenty of stuff to enjoy, two mini-figures (a police officer and a robber) and a few additional accessories such as a couple of safes , a red cart , and some money and jewels.

I like this truck! With cubic shapes, typical of these vehicles, it looks rather sturdy and with lots of space to do the job. The cab looks quite compact, with no doors, and shows the essential: the steering wheel and a seat for the

At the back, the fun and playability begin with the big compartment to transport the safes. With space for two, with a bit of careful, it is also possible to store the cart. At the back, there’s a tipper door with an extra protection, that is at the same time a small ramp, with a couple of bars to put the safes inside the

On the left side of the vehicle, there’s also another safe to store more things, some extra money or jewels for instance. However, the thieves seem to have discovered an entry point to steal the money, the door, placed in the roof. It is definitely cool and an extra feature in terms of

Overall, for around twenty dollars, perhaps a bit less, this surely a really interesting set, especially of you don’t have many police vehicles. The figures are just regular city characters but they look particularly accurate and with new suits. The Money transporter should hit stores in the beginning of the year. Enjoy the images!

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