Lego 60134 – Fun in the Park

Here is another set that I won’t miss next June. Usually there aren’t many city sets like this one with lots of figures and accessories and this one features a lot of elements that will be a great addition for any town. The exact piece count of the new Fun in the Park is not known yet but it shows an extensive list of things.

Take not: a picnic table, a park swing, a hot dog cart, a football goal, a bench, two trees, a small fence, a road sign, and fourteen mini-figures that include among others a hot dog seller, five kids, a father with his baby, a cyclist and a young boy in a wheel chair, a mini-figure that was quite mentioned in the last

There are usual elements that are never too much in a town, namely the bench and the road sign, the round swing seems pretty funny and the kids will spend there a good time, the picnic table seems big with space for a family and the hotdog cart is perhaps the most unusual but useful feature (there aren’t many in the last years…).lego-60134-fun-at-the-park-city-2

In terms of mini-figures the young man in the wheel chair has been since Nuremberg the most talked guy, for good reasons, but all the other brings a lot of different colors and accessories that make this set pretty interesting. I especially enjoy the kids playing football, the cyclist, the dad with the baby and the hot dog seller. Very nice indeed!lego-60134-fun-at-the-park-city-1

Globally, it is absolutely a set that I won’t miss. It shows lots of great parts and accessories that will be a great addition to my humble town. In terms of size, I would say that it doesn’t have more than two hundred pieces, which will put this set, with a price around the twenty dollars which makes it a really interesting deal.

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