Lego 60130 – Prison Island

The Prison Island is a new 2016 City Set and at the same time the master piece of the Police subtheme for next year. It has exactly seven hundred and fifty four pieces that features an endless number of great things to enjoy!

Besides the prison that is built up on an island with plenty of relief cuts that includes a small harbor and an heliport at the corner, it shows also a high speed police boat, a smaller boat for the crocks, a police helicopter, a balloon, eight mini-figures (three police officers, the heli’s pilot and four robbers), and plenty of useful accessories that include money, handcuffs, weapons and even a green shark, among others.Lego-60130-Prison-Island-city

With lots of grey bricks in the lower levels, five different areas can be identified in this prison: an outdoor central courtyard where the prisoners can make exercise, the cells that are placed just behind it, the big control tower at the left with three levels, the harbor with the small heliport just in front of it and finally perhaps my favorite, at the right, the cells with two distinct escape possibilities.Lego-60130-Prison-Island-city-1

The courtyard in the middle is a naked area for exercise that includes only some dumbbells and a few additional tolls. At the corner there are some ladders that access to the first floor, where the cops can enter the tower only with controlled access (all the doors have a nice panel to enter the personal code).  Next to them, at the back, the cells include beds for the crocks and a toilet at the corner.

The control tower shows three floors: the first one is basically the controlled access that can be done through two different places: the harbor’s ladders and the central courtyards. The second floor is a sort of resting room that has a small water or coffee machine with a couple of mugs. Finally on top there the main control room, with glass on every side and a control panel for the police. The roof includes also three powerful spot lights and two communication antennas.Lego-60130-Prison-Island-city-2

On the opposite side we can find an additional cell with some tricky features to enjoy and where the prisoners can easily escape! The ceiling has a trap door that can be easily opened by the crock with a crowbar, and all he has to do is climb to the next floor and wait for the big balloon. In alternative, and if the police is on top watching, there’s a second trapdoor on the floor that can easily be triggered with a back knob, that gives automatically access to the big tube at the sea level. This time, the robber will have to be helped by a second guy and its boat in order to pull the bars with a chain.

Finally, the harbor and the heliport! They’re definitely very cool and honestly I don’t remember to see these two features so close in another Lego set. Together they make an “L” shape with a heliport on the edge. The base, with three lights, has the perfect space for the small landing gear and the harbor has also the conditions for the bigger high speed police boat.Lego-60130-Prison-Island-city-3

In terms of vehicles, they’re not particularly new but they surely fit quite well in this water prison. The surveillance helicopter is quite small and has only space for the pilot, the police boat has an inflatable base, very common is these boats, and shows a big cockpit in the middle protected by a nice windshield, a powerful engine at the back and lots of space for the officers and eventually for the thieves. The crocks boat is also commonly used on several themes and shows also a big engine with a long chain at the back in order to pull the bars door. In terms of the balloon, the pictures speak for itself and I now a girl that will surely love it.Lego-60130-Prison-Island-city-4

Overall it’s an awesome set that won’t be consensual for the city fans. Why? Some will love the idea, especially those who are tired to see the release of police stations after police stations over the years, and some (those who want a new Police station) will probably say “ok it’s cool but I would surely prefer and headquarters on dry land with lots of cars”! For me that an excellent alternative to the headquarters that can easily be found on retail or in the secondary market. The set will be soon available on general retail with a price around the ninety dollars. Enjoy the pictures!

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