Lego 60127 – Prison Island Starter Set

The Prison Island Starter Set is a new small Police set that intends to be a useful addition to the bigger head set of this Police wave, the Prison Island. This new starter set has less than hundred pieces, ninety two to be exact, and features a small ATV, a water craft, an island with an harbor and four mini-figures: a couple of robbers and two police officers.

The Police ATV is a new model but in my opinion, in terms of beauty, definitely is not the best, most probably due to the front lights combination. Sorry, I simply don’t like it. Dispute that small detail, the size and the main features are the same (the handlers and the clip with the walkie-talkie at the back, for instance) and this time the driver is protected by a bar structure that safes him in case of overturning.Lego-60127-Prison-Island-Starter-Set

The watercraft is also very simple and I especially enjoy its color combination. It shows a handler at the front and space for a mini-figure. With careful, the second thief can make the trip, sitting just behind the pilot.

Finally, the small island, which shows two different elements! On one side, the useful harbor, not only for this water bike but also for some additional boats. On the other, the small hole among the rocks to hide the stolen money that is absolutely a great feature in such a small set.Lego-60127-Prison-Island-Starter-Set-1

The mini-figures, despite being probably the most usual city figures, look pretty cool and seem to have new uniforms. Overall for ten dollars, the starter set offers four mini-figures with assorted weapons, two vehicles and a small harbor. If you don’t have much stuff of Police, then I would say that it’s surely a really interesting deal.

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