Lego 60121 – Volcano Research Truck

The City summer wave of sets will definitely brings plenty of new interesting stuff, and the Volcano sets are surely one of them. A great example is this new Volcano Research Truck with plenty of great details and a new color scheme – I love that new lime green!!

As you can see through the set box, this new Volcano set features a pretty research truck with a lot of interesting stuff to enjoy, two research workers with some great suits a lava ball with a precious  stone inside and a few unusual research accessories ( it seems a sort of metal detector and a jackhammer).Lego-60121-city-Volcano-Research-Truck

The truck, as expected, has a nice raised suspension with extra large tires that allows it to surpass any tricky obstacle up in the mountains.  The cab isn’t much different from lots of other city trucks but this one is nicely protected with black bars that in case of overturning, it will protect the workers.

Inside the cab there is the usual, the steering wheel and a small seat for the driver. This time there are no doors but next to the windows there are a couple of clips, one of them for a big antenna and the other to store the walkie-talkie. The detachable roof has also a bunch of lights and spot lights to improve the visibility.Lego-60121-city-Volcano-Research-Truck-1-

The trunk is reserved for a driller with a small arm that allows it to work in several angles.  Finally, right at the back, the guys have small a winch, in case of a tow emergency rescue. In terms of mini-figures, the suits and the tools seem pretty accurate and if it wasn’t enough the fact of being new guys is an extra reason to acquire them to the collection.

Overall, it’s an interesting set for sure. The piece count is not known yet but I would bet something around the hundred and fifty bricks, perhaps a bit more, that puts it with a price between fifteen and twenty dollars. The set should be available next June during the next wave of Lego sets.

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