Lego 60117 – Van & Caravan

The Van & Caravan is a new City set that replaces the 2012 Model, Car and Caravan (4435). It has exactly two hundred and forty two pieces and features a white caravan attached to a blue van, a dog and two mini-figures (a couple of city citizens) with a few accessories that include a small barbecue.

The Van isn’t very big and at the first glance it seems a little more cubic that it was supposed to, making it a bit ugly in my opinion. The engine hood looks small which in terms of design makes this van a sort of MPV. Inside, it seems to have a considerable space not only for the driver but also for at least a couple of additional passengers.Lego-60117- Van-Caravan-city

There’s a lot of glass everywhere and the roof seems to detach easily which is good in terms of playability.  The rear mirrors on the other hand, didn’t convince me at all (ok, it’s not a major point) but the back, with straight lines, honestly, is simply horrible. Can’t we just get the caravan separately?Lego-60117- Van-Caravan-city-1

The caravan is definitely much prettier than its tow. It’s simple, it’s balanced, but for those who have or have seen the 4435, it looks a short version of this model – just by looking to single wheel axle we can conclude that – which unfortunately isn’t very positive. But, gladly, the caravan has also a few positive points, namely in the inside.

As you can see in the images, the side wall opens and gives access to the interior showing not only a small bed but also some camping accessories such as a couple of seats a coffee machine, two mugs and even the small barbecue. I wonder if with so much stuff inside, the dog has space to get in for the ride.Lego-60117- Van-Caravan-city-2

Overall, this new Van and Caravan didn’t excite me at all. The car is simply ugly, the Caravan despite some nice features is definitely in a lower level when compared with its older sister and the mini-figures despite their nice clothes are just regular city guys. The set is already on retail with a price around the twenty dollars.

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