Lego 60112 – Fire Engine

The Fire engine is a new City set that will shortly be available on stores. It brings three hundred and seventy six pieces and presents a long fire truck (perhaps the longest of the last years…) with a semitrailer, a small building on fire and three firemen with new suits and a lot of additional accessories.

Let me tell you that I love this truck! Might not be the best to park inside the new fire station but it surely has some nice features to play with. At the front, the cabin is bigger than usual and has space, at the back, for a couple of additional fireman. It has glass all around with no doors or rear mirrors, and inside as you can easily see, the steering wheel is placed right in the middle.Lego-60112-Fire-Engine-city

The roof has plenty of blue emergency lights and can be easily detached for a better access to the interior. Next to the cabin, there is also a small compartment where the firemen can store some of the multiple tools that will use to fight the flames. Right at the back, the big trailer can be easily attached with a simple mechanism and just like many other trucks, it will turn easily with a considerable angle.Lego-60112-Fire-Engine-city-1

The front part of the trailer is a bit naked but has space for two yellow bars, clips for the chainsaw and hammer and a large compartment with a box where the major part of the tools will be stored. In addition, this compartment with a bar on top will also be responsible to add some stability to the big ladders when the truck is on movement.

Right at the back, the ladders are based in a rotating platform that with the help of a technic structure can assume all the possible position and angles which is great in terms of playability. Besides, it is also extensible, allowing reaching some higher emergencies or rescues. Finally the firemen have also at their disposal a bug hose, coiled just behind the big tools compartment. The building itself is very simple, despite having two floors and it exists only with the purpose of being on flames, creating that way, a fire emergency scenario.Lego-60112-Fire-Engine-city-2

The mini-figures are just regular firemen but they seem to have a new uniform which is always pleasant to see. Globally, it seems a great partner to the new fire station. The long truck has plenty of stuff to enjoy and the only con for me is only the building that definitely seems very poor. The set should be available next month with a retail price around the forty dollars.

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