Lego 60102 – Airport VIP Service

The Airport VIP Service is another Airport sub theme set that will be available next June. This new City set has around three hundred and sixty pieces and features a white limousine, an airplane, a small yellow airport service vehicle and four mini-figures (the limo driver, the airport worker, the pilot and a female passenger) with assorted accessories.

This new VIP Service is clearly an update from the 2010 Helicopter and Limousine (3222) but it definitely brings some new elements to enjoy and the biggest change is, with no doubt, the new airplane that substitutes the helicopter.Lego-60102-Airport-Vip-Service-city

The airplane is a regular model, used in other city sets and it’s smaller that the Passenger terminal model, measuring thirty one centimeters. It has a nice and balanced design showing all the main elements that a passenger airplane must have. The nose at the front isn’t very big but features a nice windshield for the cabin that according to some previous models provides the pilot all the controls and handlers to maneuvers the aircraft.

The space for the passengers is also very reasonable and I’m sure that inside we’ll find at least six chairs to seat comfortably! The engines are placed in the tail which is all built with black pieces giving the airplane a very cool look in terms of color scheme. There’s no kind of doors for the passengers but the roof can be easily detached in order to access the interior.Lego-60102-Airport-Vip-Service-city-1

The limousine seems a stretched out city car with an extra large cockpit. The wheels have some unusual rims but the engine hood and the windshields are the same of so many other city cars. Inside, the passengers have a lot of room at their disposal and I’m sure that there are some nice details that won’t be missed such a nice bottle of champagne, a couple of decent seats and perhaps a nice flat TV. At the front, the driver has the usual: a decent seat, the steering wheel and separated access to the limo.

For last, the airport service yellow car, that being so small has, however, some interesting details such as the ‘follow me’ message at the back, some new tiny wheels and of course a few emergency lights. The mini-figures despite their nice clothes, don’t bring in my opinion anything particularly new. The set should be available next summer with a retails price around the forty dollars.

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