Lego 60101 – Airport Cargo Plane

The Airport Cargo Plane is a new City set that will shortly arrive to market. It is not very big, it has only around two hundred pieces, perhaps a bit less, and features a green and grey cargo plane, a small airport service vehicle and two mini-figures (an airport worker and the pilot) with assorted accessories.

At the first glance, it looks pretty fat, which is good, because after all it’s a cargo aircraft and the bigger is the available cargo, area the more you load, increasing the fun and the playability of the airplane.Lego-60101-Airport-Cargo-Plane-city

The green cockpit and all its major parts are the ones used on so many other previous models. The pilot has a clear view of almost every angles thanks not only to the windshield but most of all, thanks to the multiple small windows that are placed aside and on top. The roof seems to be easily detachable and inside we’ll find the usual: a seat for the pilot, multiple controls and a small passage to the cargo compartment.

The images aren’t clear yet but it looks obvious that at the back there’s a big tipper gate that will allow loading all the possible cargo that the plane can take. Outside the big wings, each one with an engine, give definitely the aircraft a nice sturdy look. The tail is quite simple and, just like in the nose, the stabilizer has a small colored sticker.Lego-60101-Airport-Cargo-Plane-city-1

The service vehicle is very small but at same time quite funny in terms of look. The wheels are tiny and behind the driver’s seat there is some space to carry a few boxes to the plane. Aside the driver, a couple of clips ensure to the worker, a small orange light and a walkie-talkie for communication.

Overall, it looks a nice interesting deal. For around twenty five dollars, you’ll get a reasonable cargo plane which is not easy to get without having to spend some more extra money. The figures are regular city guys but seem to bring new accurate suits. The set will be available on stores in a couple of months.

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