Lego 60100 – Airport Starter Set

Usually a starter set is not the most enthusiastic acquisition but sometimes it can be quite helpful, adding some extra mini-figures and accessories to a particular corner in the town that was still a bit naked in terms of color, movement or people.

And this seems definitely a good example, for ten dollars you’ll get four city mini-figures with nice printed suites (a mail transporter, two airport workers and a helicopter pilot) and several accessories that include two red carts, some mail, a mail box and even a small fuel tank, and of course the yellow helicopter.Lego-60100-Airport-Starter-Set-cityAnd inside of such a simple set, the small helicopter is the only machine that we can find. It couldn’t be simpler, with an open cockpit and a long windshield with some controls right at the front. Behind the pilot, the heli features also some compartments to transport mail (it has at least one on each side).

The big advantage of this set is in my opinion, In the number of mini-figures and accessories. The four guys, they don’t bring just color, they have also some nice details in their uniforms and I especially enjoyed the two mail workers. Overall for around ten dollars I think that we can’t ask for much more!  On stores next June!

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