Lego 60099 – City Advent Calendar

The new City Advent Calendar has just hit stores. The two hundred and seventy eight pieces include the usual twenty four gifts and a lot of great stuff to enjoy. The mini-figures weren’t forgotten, there will be six (a jungle police officer, a robber, three kids and the usual Santa) and some of the other gifts are also pretty interesting.

There is no doubt that most of the parts are small copies of city sets of several themes. Through the images it is possible to identify the complete list that consists on a small stand, an ice lake, a couple of remote controlled cars, an airplane, a excavator, a street lamp, a chair, a Christmas tree, a clock, a couple of gifts, a red train, a snowman, a police snowmobile, an husky puppy, a small fire and finally two replicas of the space shuttle and space port.

As usual in this type of sets, the playability isn’t much but there are surely plenty of elements with beauty and definitely most of them can be an interesting addition to a few bigger brothers.

However, overall, I must say that this isn’t the most enthusiastic city advent calendar of the last years. The set is not bad, far away from that but I think that in this year, there isn’t properly a bigger gift that highlights from the rest and the mini-figures are some sort of déjà-vu (a police officer and a robber year after year…). The new Advent Calendar is already available on Lego stores and retails around the thirty dollars.

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