Lego 60098- The Heavy Haul Train Official Pictures

The official pictures of the new city Heavy Haul train have finally become available on Lego images servers. The train was already known for a while but as always, I think that is very pleasant to see the official pics, especially if you’re a Lego train fan.

My first thoughts were reproduced here , and overall I keep the same opinion, for those who have the yellow cargo train (7939) or are familiar with it, the set definitely seems like a big disappointment, the locomotives are globally the same and it seems that Lego only grabbed the yellow one and painted it in red.

On the other hand, the flat carriages are also a sort of déjà vu, as well as its vehicles (they’re look too simple), and the only two elements that in my opinion can be considered appellative or different towards the latest train sets (I’m not considering the 3677 because it wasn’t properly an easy model to find on retail…) are the crane with all its playability and the little brown iron ore carriage.

The Heavy Haul Train should be available in a couple of months with a price around the hundred and fifty dollars. Have a look at the gallery and enjoy!

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