Lego – 60091 Deep Sea Starter Set

The Deep Sea Starter set is one of the entry line sets of the City’s Deed Sea Explorer sub theme. It brings only ninety pieces so the building experience will be almost none but it looks absolutely, and once again in this type of sets, a good opportunity to get a few new mini-figures for a reasonable price.

The set brings three (two divers with different suites and accessories and a deep sea explorer with the usual oxygen bottle) , a fearful shark, a really cool remotely operated underwater vehicle and a small box with a few seaweed containing what it seems to be some lost precious jewels.

With a cool design, the remote submarine is mostly built with yellow and black pieces and shows at the front a couple of small claws that seem to move easily in order to grab objects, a big orange light with an additional spotlight just above it and two fuel tanks one on each side. Below it’s not possible for now to see what kind of base does it brings but I guess that it will certainly have a way to walk on the seabed.

In terms of mini-figures they definitely worth for their own this small achievement. They bring a lot of color and some really nice details such as the vehicle remote control, a crowbar and of course the three diving suits. Overall, it’s surely a pretty interesting set that will retail in the beginning of June with a retail price around the ten dollars.

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