Lego 60085 – 4×4 with Powerboat

Beauty, high speed and sturdiness above everything, are my first thoughts about this set. Succeeding to the 2011 model, Power Boat Transporter (4643), the set features a nice 4×4 Van with a long trailer, a Powerboat, and two mini-figures (a pilot and the van’s driver) among a total of three hundred and one pieces.

I like this van! With a great color scheme, it brings at the front a huge engine with power enough to pull the Powerboat. The black wheels are also bigger than usual and the vehicle’s suspension is also a bit higher. There are no doors this time, so the only way to access the interior is detaching the orange roof which doesn’t seem hard.

Inside there is the usual stuff: a steering wheel, a seat for the driver and glass everywhere. Talking about glass, the windshield seems placed slightly inwards, towards the roof, which forms a sort of flap at the front that gives the car an unusual look. Finally let me call your attention for the rear mirrors that looking through the pictures seem to be a new model.

At the back, the trunk has space for the attaching mechanism that has clearly changed, compared to the old model. All built with technic pieces it has a long brick that will connect to the trailer, just on its edge. Having a look at this one it looks quite long and with the exact measures to transport the boat in safety.

The Powerboat, globally, is similar to the 2011 model, using the same deck structure, however from to cockpit to the engine everything changes. The pilot’s position is totally closed with a big black windshield which I think that is easily opened and the engine is definitely more detailed with some air grids, exhaustion pipes and even two propellers at the back.

Overall, this seems a very interesting deal, especially if you missed the previous power boat transporter. The playability is high, the vehicles look amazing and the two mini-figures seem quite accurate with new torsos. Planned to hit stores next January it will probably retail around the thirty dollars!

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