Lego 60082 – Dune Buggy Trailer

The Dune Buggy Trailer is another city set that will hit stores in the beginning of 2015. With around two hundred pieces, it features a yellow dune buggy, a blue Jeep, a trailer to transport the buggy and two mini-figures (the Buggy’s driver and a lady) with a couple of additional accessories.

I guess that there’s no doubt that this set’s star is definitely the buggy. It’s looks very compact, with a lowered suspension and the engine is gladly placed at the back. Mostly built with yellow bricks, it also features some stickers that definitely give it more color. The cockpit is reinforced with a black bar and inside it has the sufficient space for the driver and the steering wheel.

The available pictures unfortunately don’t show any perspective of the back but it’s possible to see a couple of red lights and a small exhaustion pipe coming out from the engine. The trailer is quite similar to a few others and besides the tiny wheels, it has on the flat platform all the necessary sturdy mechanisms to transport the Buggy safely. At the back a couple of tipper ramps grant the Buggy’s access and at the same time give the trailer an additional safety element.

Having a look at the Jeep, I would say that with those big golden wheels and a raised suspension, I’m sure that it can surpass the biggest dune in the beach. The engine looks also very big (I guess that the eight studs wide of the model contribute for that…) and next to it the windshield gives the appropriate protection to the driver which seems to have a naked cockpit this time, I wonder if the lady has a place to seat. Finally the trunk, in the back, has space for some tools or for the buggy’s pilot, once on travel.

Overall it’s an interesting option, if you want to run away from the more traditional police or fire vehicles. The Buggy looks pretty cool, the jeep with its big wheels is also a really nice vehicle and for the usual twenty bucks I think the playability is absolutely granted. Enjoy the pictures!

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