Lego 60081 – Pickup Tow Truck

Two years later, a new city tow truck will be produced and this is definitely the proof how certain city models might be release in consecutive years (almost…) with colliding each other. Being both in a high level, the new Pickup Tow Truck has nothing to do with the 2013 model, the Flatbed Truck (60017).

This new set, just like many others, brings around two hundred pieces ( a bit more) and features, besides a green and white pickup truck, a blue car that automatically made me remind the city taxis or the style of the City Garage(4207) vehicles and two mini-figures , the mechanic and the car driver.

The pickup looks quite sturdy. With big tires and a different kind of wheel arches it has however the standard width of city vehicles. The cockpit this time seem a bit poor without the side doors or a usual seat for the mechanic, however just aside it, the truck brings four clips to hold two antennas and a couple of tools.

The trunk’s space is practically all reserved for the tow mechanism. Built mostly with technic pieces, it has a small base on the edge, similar to the ones present in the bigger models, which will allow the car to be supported and stuck on it in case of breakdown. The structure can be handled through a knob placed on the edge.

Having a look at the blue car it couldn’t be simpler. Not being particularly pretty, I really don’t like the fact that the windshields stretches up to the doors. The roof with a different color is fashion nowadays however for me it’s not enough to enjoy it! The mini-figures looks cool especially the mechanic with a new blue suit that breaks the orange trend of the city workers.

Overall, this Pickup tow Truck seems a really nice vehicle with a huge potential in terms of playability. The blue vehicle is a few levels below but I’m sure that this isn’t the only car that the pickup can handle with. If you like it, prepare 20 dollars, it’s the usual for these sets! Enjoy the pictures!

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