Lego 60079 – Training Jet Transporter

The Training jet transporter is a new city set that will hit stores in the next wave of releases, next summer. With exactly four hundred and forty eight pieces, it belongs to the new space subtheme and features the training jet, a big transporter truck, a runway yellow car and three mini-figures: a pilot, the truck’s driver and the ground worker.

This set, at the first glance, seems to have a huge potential in terms of playability mixing three different types of vehicles each one f them filed with interesting features. All of them bring definitely a lot to play with.

Having a look at the big truck, it looks pretty long, especially if we attempt at the trailer. This vehicle makes me remember the 2014 tow truck showing a big and long engine with a six piece grid at the front and a sturdy bumper. The cabin has a couple of small door and inside, there is the usual, a seat for the driver and a small steering wheel. On the roof, it’s also possible to find the exhausters, the horns and a couple of orange lights. Until this point there is nothing properly new that could associate this trunk to the space sub theme.

At the back in the trailer, which is attached to the truck with a usual mechanism, the things change a lot! The orange and grey bars are placed just in the right place to provide a safe transportation of the jet and the suspension is slightly lowered giving the trailer a really cool design.

The jet has a interesting design, mixing a space ship with an airplane. The cockpit at the front has a long windshield that seems to be easily opened, and inside the pilot has a small control panel to maneuver the machine. The stickers give not only in this part but also on the entire plane an extra touch of color, breaking the blue and white mix.

The plane’s structure seems globally to be built with lots of different pieces and just in the middle, the wings have a small mechanism that allows retracting them, every time that the jet goes up to the trailer. At the back, the engine doesn’t seem very big but it uses, at least looking at the set box, a very unusual brick.

Finally, a quick look to the small ground vehicle. Remembering the usual cars of the airports, it is totally yellow and shows, besides the driver’s seat, a couple of clips for the rackets and two additional clips at the front for the emergency lights. For the ground worker there’s also a small fuel tank, for every time that he needs to refuel the jet.

Overall, this is absolutely a very interesting set, showing three different vehicles and lots of different choices in terms of playability. The mini-figures aren’t new but they seem quite accurate. Finally, the worst part seems to be the price that, looking to the piece count, should be something around the fifty dollars.

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