Lego 60073 – Service Truck

This is perhaps the first set box that made me laugh immediately. The guy with the toilet paper in his hands… no more comments! Let’s have a look at the set which looks definitely pretty good!

This service Truck is a new city set with exactly two hundred and thirty three pieces that brings the yellow service truck, a trailer, perhaps the smallest city trailer that I’ve ever seen, a blue temporary bathroom, two city workers and lots of additional stuff such as a green garbage can, two yellow barriers, a shovel and a jack hammer.

First of all, I like this truck’s aesthetic, the windshield presents the same angle of the engine’s hood, giving the vehicle a really nice aerodynamic. Inside the cab, there is the usual. including a coffee cup which looks definitely a trend in this city sets’ wave. The truck also features two access steps on each side and gladly brings the small side doors that I personally enjoy.

Behind, the cargo compartment, that has individual side doors, is filled with lots of service accessories: a garbage can, two barriers with a danger light on each one, a shovel and best of all, a winch that is responsible to grab and move the transportable bathroom. This new element is transported on top of, probably, the smallest and thinnest trailer that I’ve ever seen in the last times.

The bathroom, built mostly with big blue plates, seems to have all the requirements inside and people can be calm in terms of their privacy thanks to the big grey door with the red locker. Outside there is also a traditional M/F plate, indicating the bathroom. The mini-figures aren’t the most exciting however we couldn’t ask for much more in terms of city workers.

2015 seems to bring some really new hot sets and this one is surely one of them. The idea is new, the truck has a lot of stuff to play with and the winch is absolutely an added value in terms of playability. Reserve twenty dollars in your wallet because you’ll need it! Please, have a look at the galley!

2 thoughts on “Lego 60073 – Service Truck

  1. I love love this set but it’s currently sold out everywhere!!! (Except for the people charging $50 on eBay for it). It really went fast – I hope lego restocks it!

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