Lego 60072 – Demolition Starter Set

These sets are never too much in the town. For a reasonable price, this is a good way to get some additional mini-figures and a small work vehicle that fits everywhere. With a starter set logo, this set features four (!!!) city mini-figures (four workers including the driver and a foreman), the small demolition vehicle and an old bathroom (or what is left of it …) that includes a toilet.

The vehicle looks pretty cool. With a traditional shovel at the front that easily moves up and down, it brings also a couple of old wheel arches from the eighties that are simply fantastic. I don’t remember to see them in a new model for quite a while.

The cockpit seems large and is reinforced by a black structure in order to protect the driver in case of accident. Inside, the driver has a couple of handlers to maneuver the vehicle and more than enough space to seat comfortably. On top it is also possible to see an additional orange light to signal the vehicles every time it is in movement.

The workers seem to bring new suits. The Foreman is a new guy that brings a white shirt and a tie, the driver is all in blue, one of the workers has a sleeveless jacket and finally looks like we have a female worker this time, all dressed with orange clothes. Finally the small room that will be fully destructed is nice to create this entire small demolition scenario but worth no more than that in terms of playability.

Overall, it seems a really nice deal. The set has only eighty five pieces, which puts it in a price level around the ten dollars, and for that amount, you get four mini-figures and a work vehicle with a couple of nice details that are always welcome to any city! Enjoy the first available pics!

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