Lego 60064 – Arctic Supply Plane

The last Arctic set has finally been uncovered. This new city subtheme box brings a new orange airplane which through the image seem considerably big, a snow plow vehicle with a small trailer, and at least three arctic mini-figures (the image show only a couple of them, but I guess that the plane doesn’t fly without a pilot…), and lots of tools and accessories for the guys that include a couple of ice rocks.

The plane, generically, is not much different from some other city models, I remember for instance the 2013 cargo plane that uses the same cockpit, however there are some really nice elements that transform it into a unique arctic model such as skis at the front, the color scheme that mixes the orange with the dark grey wings and of course the big wings that are probably one of the widest in city models.

The plane’s body includes a big cockpit that seems to have an extra space just behind it and looking to the picture, definitely, it has everything to have, at the back, a lifting door with access to the cargo compartment. The engines are placed on the wings, just next to plane’s structure and use two propellers with what it seem to be a new rotor’s brick.

In the ice, the small snow plow vehicle looks quite equipped. With a couple of crawlers it has at the front a big snow shovel , the cab for the driver with plenty of lights everywhere and an extra compartment at the back, probably to store some equipment. Finally, the trailer that runs under skis is nothing more than a second element to carry some extra goods in the expedition.

This new set that has just started retailing in a few markets will cost around the sixty dollars. There is no kind of information about the number of pieces that it will bring but according to the price it’s not hard to preview something around the five or six hundred.

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