Lego 60056 – Tow Truck

Here is another 2014 great vehicle that will enter directly for my collection as soon as it’s available on retail. The new city Tow Truck has recently started to retail in a few markets and features a big blue tow truck with a mini-figure (it’s perhaps, unfortunately,  the only average size set with a single figure) among a total a two hundred and twenty seven pieces.

Let’s start in by the back where all the fun is installed. Just like the 2009 model, the long arm is built over a technic structure that supports perfectly all the weight of a big broken truck (the couple of blue pins are a precious help for that). The mechanism allows the winch to move up and down, adapting that way, the arm to the correct position in terms height to tow a vehicle.

Additionally, the arm has also a small winch with a cable, controlled through a knob, placed next to the cab, that is ideal for smaller cars. When out of work, the tow truck can move with the winch is any position, as long as the thin cable is taken in at least to the point that the winch reaches the trucks’ support.

In the front, the long wood with a new grill hides the big engine and just next to it, the cab presents the usual: the driving seat, the steering wheel and the red coffee cup. Despite of being a city truck with all the traditional features, the new Tow truck has some really nice details such as the orange lights and the antennas just next to them, the couple of horns in the roof, the exhaust pipes and even the couple of steps to climb up to the interior are definitely very nice.

Globally, this seems a nice (and why not, prettier??) of the 2009 model present in City Garage (7642). The playability and interaction with other vehicles couldn’t be better and for me the only con in this twenty dollars’ set is the fact of the set only has one mini-figure! Enjoy the action pictures in the gallery!

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