Lego 60054 – Light Repair Truck

This is another city set that I especially enjoyed when I saw the first city pictures, about a week ago. This small Light Repair Truck brings only ninety five pieces and features the orange vehicle, the city worker with an ordinary blue suit and a new street lamp with a small incorporated traffic light.

At the first glance I love this vehicle, the color, the design and most of all the playability, everything looks great. At the front, we can see that the truck brings a new hood piece with a round and sloping shape, a black grill and a round bumper. The cab is the same of so many other city vehicles, this time with a couple of small side 60054 light repair truck city Lego 60054   Light Repair Truck

At the back is where the great news begins. A small maintenance platform of the street lamp, made with a few technic pieces, is mounted in a round base that can easily turn 360 degrees, assuming all the possible positions to get around the broken lamp. The new street lamp built up on a small green base presents a new feature which is the incorporation of traffic lights in the middle of the 60054 light repair truck city 2 Lego 60054   Light Repair Truck

The city worker has also at its disposal a couple of tools to fix the lamp, a spare yellow lamp and a couple of white road warning signs to prevent accidents. Overall this looks a nice vehicle to add to the collection. It looks pretty, with interesting features and according to its size, won’t be far from the eleven dollars. Have a look at some extra pictures:

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