Lego 60053 – Race Car

This new set goes straight to the racing Octan team, joining the bigger Grand Prix Truck and its F1 Car. With exactly one hundred pieces this little Leman s’ car brings also a nice pilot dressed with a racing suite with the traditional Octan colors and a big grey trophy to celebrate the victory.

The car looks quite interesting assuming all the shapes and the look of a racing machine. It is not very long but it has a considerable width with six dots plus the wheel arches which is the same of the traditional trucks. With a lowered suspension that directly affects the piloting position, it has also a very aerodynamic front that extends to the windshield.

The cockpit looks very wide but the only way to enter is by removing the roof because it not only doesn’t bring any side doors which is normal, but also because the space between the glace and the back pillars is too short. At the back, there is space for the supposed powerful engine and the big aileron that can assume multiple adjustments, thanks to the couple of little pieces (actually they are the traditional handcuff pieces) that support it.

Globally it’s definitely an interesting ten dollars set. With the traditional Octan colors (green, red and white) and some nice black wheels it looks ready to join my Octan team. Have a look at the gallery!

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