Lego 60033 – Arctic Ice Crawler

It’s not big, and despite not being ugly it’s far from being the prettiest, but in such a small size it’s almost impossible to concentrate such a number of interesting features to play with. The set is basically the Ice Crawler and a mini-figure in a total of hundred and thirteen bricks.

The cab isn’t much different from a usual city van, it has a seat for the driver, a centered steering wheel and a couple of orange side doors. However at the front there are lights everywhere. On top, we can see a small bar with two white spot lights and just in front of the hood there four additional, just in case of heavy storm.

The rubber crawlers have three axes each and, at the first glance, they seem different from the usual, especially because of the several wrinkles that exist all around. Behind the cab there is a small compartment with the exact space for the ice rock and the yellow winch. This is perhaps the best part because with only six small pieces the set’s playability is definitely increased.

The winch can assume several positions, thanks to the multiple arms, and easily turn around the 360 degrees, grabbing and holding the rock with extreme ease. The driver, just like all the rest of the theme’s figures, is extremely accurate with printings everywhere, glasses in the face and an extraordinary snow hood.

Overall, it’s seems a great opportunity to have an arctic representative set without spending much money. The twelve bucks are in line with the rest of the line and are definitely a fair amount for such a nice vehicle. Have a look at some additional pictures:

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