Lego 60032 – The Arctic Snowmobile

The Arctic Snowmobile is the entry set of the new city’s sub-theme and perhaps my only arctic acquisition. It’s particularly small with only forty four pieces but it brings a very nice mini-figure and of course the orange snowmobile that includes a small trailer.

The vehicle is built upon a couple of skis at the front which, looking at the picture, seem to move and adapt to the Ice land and snow. Forgetting the skis, the rest of the bike is similar to the quad bikes with the small engine with two lights, at the front and the driver seat (actually the guy only have space to stand) just behind it.

On both sides there is a clip to hold some accessories and just below them the rear bike’s support is nothing more than a black round brick with no studs to slide better on snow. Attached with a small chain, the trailer couldn’t be simpler. Only five bricks are needed for this element that is necessary to transport the big blue icy rock.

Five or six dollars is what it costs and it’s definitely a good reason the get this always interesting snowmobile and most of all the extremely accurate mini-figure that brings a really nice blue and orange suite with a big hoody. Have a look at the gallery!

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