Lego 60024 – City Advent Calendar

The New City Advent Calendar, this year, will present us with almost two hundred and fifty pieces which we lead us to build eight mini-figures (an Astronaut, a Mechanic, a Santa, a Snowman, a Fireman, a Police Officer, a Crook and a Child) and a lot of interesting small accessories for other big city sets.

As you can see thought the pictures, in terms of small buildings, there is small kart which will be excellent to add to the new Grand Prix Truck (60025), a nice fireplace, a barbecue and a picnic table with the respective bench, a usual Christmas tree, this time with a small red base and some microscopic vehicles such as a locomotive or a excavator which in my opinion are completely 60024 advent calendar 2013 city 1024x427 Lego 60024 – City Advent Calendar

In terms of accessories there is also plenty to choose from: we can find some meat for the barbecue, Christmas gifts to put near the tree, lots of crystals to enjoy a nice drink in the picnic, the red coffee cups are also present and best of all the new Dalmatian dog that we can also find in the new fire station (60004) will have a big white bone to enjoy.

The mini-figures are also pretty nice, it’s always a pleasure to have an extra snowman, a  Santa or even an astronaut and finally the new race mechanic is definitely will be a good addition to the new city race 60024 advent calendar 2013 city 6 Lego 60024 – City Advent Calendar

Overall it seems a bit different from the ones that were released on the past years. For one hand there is only one vehicle, but on the other the quantity of small tools and accessories is huge and the eight mini-figures are very nice. There is no confirmation about the retail price, but I would say that according to the usual, it will be something around the thirty dollars. Meanwhile have a look at some extra images:

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