Lego 60021 – Cargo Heliplane

The Cargo Heliplane is a new city set that will be available next summer, on the 2013’ second wave of sets. It has three hundred and forty three pieces that include the heliplane, a new ATV, three mini-figures (the pilot and two lumberjacks), a bunch of logs that include a rack and finally a grapple.

The big plane is absolutely outstanding and rather different from the usual airplanes. It brings an unusual feature of taking off and landing vertically in inhospitable place, such as the forests and at the same time is capable of flying just like a regular plane in order to transport the big wood logs, thanks to the two big propellers and its 90 degrees moving mechanism. Having a close look, the cockpit is similar to other aircrafts, such as, for instance, the Coast Guard helicopter (60013). At the front, there is glace everywhere and inside the space is more than enough for the pilot’s seat and all the control handlers. There is no kind of door, on both sides, just at the back, but next to the cab there is a knob that allows controlling a winch placed just below the plain structure. The winch, among other things, allows transporting the small ATV to the forests, reaching places that would be impossible to go through land. At the back of the plane, there is a big door that is simultaneously a ramp to store the big logs. Having a look at these they’re made with 2×2 round pieces and despite the sex box suggestion of four blocks, it is easy to build extra logs, reducing the number of used pieces on each one. Returning to the plane, its wingspan is considerably big, the wings have a reinforced structure and are firmly attached to the main body of the plane. On both edges the two propellers have an interesting mechanism attached with technic pieces which allows changing to the vertical mechanism. The small red ATV is pretty nice, similar to many other city vehicles, and despite it, is always a pleasure to add a new all terrain vehicles to the city. The lumberjacks weren’t forgotten and have at their disposal a bunch of tools and accessories such as axes, chainsaws, the good red cup of coffees and best of all a nice brown dog. Globally, this is definitely a new great city set that will be on stores next summer. With a bunch of new features, especially the new propeller mechanism, it will have a retail price around the forty dollars which honestly looks a great deal. Please have a look at some additional pictures in the gallery:

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