Lego 60018 – Garbage Truck

The Garbage Truck is a new 2016 City set that will soon hit stores. It has two hundred and forty eight pieces that will feature the new Truck that will replace the 4432 model (from 2012), two workers (the driver and the garbage worker) with lots of accessories that include some trash, a shovel and a broom and finally, a big green trash bin that will be grabbed by the truck.

First of all, I must say that in the beginning, this vehicle didn’t excite me at all, mostly because of the garbage collection mechanism, not in terms of technical motives but because of its aesthetic.Lego-60018-Garbage-Truck-cityNow that I’ve passed that, it definitely has some interesting features to enjoy with special relevance for the mentioned technic mechanism. The truck’s structure itself is not much different from the usual, the cabin in completely straight with no doors, this time, but with a big windshield and inside there is space for the driver (the driving position is in the middle) and probably for the coffee mug.Lego-60018-Garbage-Truck-city-1

The collection mechanism base is placed just behind the cabin and can be controlled by a small handler. With a few technic pieces and a couple of right angles, the process can be easily done just by fitting the garbage can into the front pieces and pulling it back into the orange deposit.

This one, for obvious reasons, reminds me the 2007 Recycle Truck (7991) but with several changes. The tipper mechanism seem pretty cool, rising the deposit for almost 90 degrees and at the back, the door ensures that all the trash is immediately unloaded. Next to it, two clips, one on each side allow to transport the shovel and the broom.Lego-60018-Garbage-Truck-city-3

Globally, this is a nice chance to get a garbage truck if you missed the previous versions. The playability is in a high level with the collection mechanism, and the two figures despite being regular city workers are nicely accurate. The set should be available in all markets next January and should retail around the twenty five dollars.

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