Lego 60017 and 60018 City – Finally Revealed

Finally, we can have a look of the new Cement Mixer and of the new Flatbed Trucks. The yellow Cement Mixer looks really great just by looking at the set boxes. Unfortunately is too soon to find out how the mixer cylinder will rotate but we can see by now that the set will have two road workers with some tools and plenty of cement little pieces and also a red wheelbarrow to transport them.

The Flatbed truck will surely be also a nice addition to the next year’s portfolio because it is a small truck different from everything, specially all its engine’s hood parts and consequently all the esthetic – and for better I must say. The flat bed will also have a tipper mechanism which easily will lower the bed, in order to tower another vehicle.

And yes, the set will also have another vehicle, a small red convertible, two mini-figures, the mechanic and a lady and a nice traffic light. Let’s wait then for extra details that I surely hope that will be revealed very soon.

60017 Flatbed Truck

60018 Cement Mixer

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