Lego 60017 City – Flatbed Truck

The new Flatbed Truck is a great successor of the older Tow Truck, 7638. With about two hundred pieces, this time the main attraction brings an extra bonus: a nice dark red convertible which obviously fits perfectly in the truck’s bed. Besides the car, the set has also two mini-figures, a mechanic and a lady that drives the car and an always useful traffic light sign with a small platform.

Starting by the truck, besides being a new concept in terms of design, which nor always happens on Lego new sets, it has also a couple of great new features. The front of the small truck is more aerodynamic than usual with the windshields and the hood having the same sloping angle.

Using the same structure in terms of building, this truck has however different pieces giving the model a completely new design, being the front part, in my opinion, the best example. The cab has the usual, a decent seat, great side doors and a removable roof the increase the access to the interior.

Until now there is nothing much new but just behind the cab the fun really begins. The flatbed is indeed, thanks to great but simple mechanism, a tipper bed that lowers to tow the red convertible. Joining this feature as you can see in the pictures there is also a competent winch that pulls competently any vehicle (compatible with the bed’s size, of course…) into the truck’s bed.

The small convertible is rather similar to several city cars but it is indeed pretty well designed. With a great cockpit and a new front designed this small vehicle is in my opinion simply perfect. The only thing that I would change would be perhaps its color, because the rest is very good for sure.

Globally, this is definitely a great set that I will not miss next year. Have a look at some additional pictures:

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