Lego 60014 – Coast Guard Patrol

The Coast Guard Patrol is the biggest coast guard set with almost four hundred and fifty pieces. It has, besides the big coast guard ship, a smaller green inflatable boat, a small rescue helicopter, a mini explorer submarine, a lighthouse, three (!!!) grey sharks, a dog and six mini-figures which are the ship’s captain, the helicopter’s pilot, two coast guards and the two crewmembers of the inflatable boat.

The head set of the coast guard brings such a diversity of features, colors and vehicles that simply results in one of the most interesting city sets of the 2013 summer wave. Remembering the 2008 model, I would say that with a bunch of significant differences it is a truly successor of 7739 coast guard set!

Starting by the ship, it is considerably long with space enough at the bow to have a small heliport with yellow marks and four warning lights.  The deck is slightly lowered, compared with the heliport, it has room for a bunch on nice and different features but looking at the pictures, unfortunately it is not possible, yet, to say which one they are. But I guess that it is not hard to imagine it.

Just above it, in the first level, the big bridge has plenty of space for a bunch of mini-figures. The inside features are unknown at the moment, but I guess that I won’t be totally wrong if I mention the presence of a few seats, handlers, a couple of control panels with radars and a sonar. Shouldn’t these guys have a pair of handcuffs just in case?

With plenty of small windows the boat has also two black towers and a sturdy white structure that will provide a safe journey to the guards but also will be the base to the orange roof all the features built up on it such as the radar, the big yellow antennas and also a couple of powerful spot lights.

At the back, the lowered stern received a nice explorer submarine and all the retractable structure to put it inside the water which is definitely new. It has a couple of arms, a small propellant, a video camera and a couple of spot light to illuminate efficiently the sea floor. All over the ship we can also find rescue floats, a couple of nice water cannons, docking buoys and life jackets for everyone.

Having a look at the helicopter, I would say that it is probably one of the smallest city helicopters but it has everything that it needs for a good rescue and surveillance mission. The landing gear is prepared for ditching in case of emergency, the cockpit has the usual, a couple of handlers and a windshield that opens widely to access the interior and at the back there is a nice winch that can be controlled with a side knob, ideal for rescue flights, and absolutely  great in terms of playability.

The green inflatable boat is a known model, used in many other city sets, but at a glance I would say that it has a new and powerful engine with a directional functionality. As it concerns to the interior it has a nice control board with a couple of seats and at its front it has what it looks like a sun bath area!

Finally on solid ground the lighthouse marks its presence warning the boats that rocks are near. It is basically a tall cylinder, built in the grey rocks, which are nicely detailed with grey pieces, and at the top, multiple yellow pieces are responsible for the powerful light. Unfortunately there is no power brick to project a big luminous light!

Overall, the set has a bunch of nice features and vehicles, the lighthouse is always an added value in any town and the fifty dollars that it will cost seem a fair price according to the number of pieces!

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