Lego 60011 – Surfer rescue

I guess that there are polybags with a bigger number of pieces than this surfer Rescue, however this thirty two pieces set looks a good acquisition, especially if you like the water sets. However, such a small quantity of pieces allows building a coast guard jet ski, a grey shark and two mini-figures which are the cost guard and the surfer with its board.

The set itself intends to create a rescue scene where suddenly the surfer was surprised by the shark. But besides this unlikely scenario, the set in my opinion is also a nice addition or a complement to bigger sets such as the marina or even one of the new coast guard sets. There is always room for an extra jet ski.

For obvious reasons, there is no building experience with this set. The coast guard water bike has perhaps less than twenty pieces so I think that a couple of minutes would be enough to put them together. However the final model looks very nice, the color scheme of the coast guard is rather well achieved and the stickers this time seem to be an added value.

The little motor bike has basically the motor at the front with a little yellow rescue buoy and at the back there is left some room for the handles. Talking about the mini-figs, they look pretty usual, the surfer is equipped with a black suite and the coast guard is equipped with a yellow life-jacket.

For five dollars, I guess that we can’t ask much more. It surely looks an interesting acquisition to join the bigger ones!

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