Lego 60010 City – Fire Helicopter

What a great evolution among the fire helicopters. This new heli is full of great features as well as nice details all over the vehicle. Besides the big attraction, the set is also constituted by a small platform with a fuel tank completely in flames and a couple of nice mini-figures, a fireman and a pilot on which I would highlight the new dark red helmet of the fireman and the pilot’s torso.

Talking about the helicopter, its flat chassis almost hides the landing gear and gives it an even sturdier look. At the front, the new cockpit, which uses the same big piece of the 7939 train – great option – gives the vehicle a completely different look – for better – and improves clearly its access.

Just behind it, there is a small area with no doors or winds – just like in the previous – where the action starts. With only a small side bar for safety, the heli has a nice side winch where the firemen can be lowered to the emergency theater. This winch is nicely pulled through a nice power function.

Next to it, there is also a water cannon which will give a good help to the fire fighters. By the way, the big grey tanks are filled with water?? Continuing, through the available pictures we can easily see that there are at least a couple of more things inside the back cabin but unfortunately it will only be possible to check with extra photos. Finally, the big propeller on top and the two rotors give this new helicopter a very powerful look.

The small platform in flames is a 8×8 plate with a fuel tank, two containers and a small tower with a warning light. This little octain base is quite interesting because it integrates very fast in any town – easily the flame pieces can be put aside – and can be a good addition to the possible existing Octain sets.

There are no announced prices but I would say that will be something around the twenty five and the thirty dollars. Surely, this is a set to be checked next January.

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  1. I want to buy this for my brother as a belated birthday gift. I hope it comes out soon! If you have any idea when it is being released let me know. (today is Jan 5)

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