Lego 60008 City – Museum Break-in

When I looked for the first time to the Museum Break-in, a lot of things immediately came into my mind. And if I left you curious, here they are: The sex box is one of the prettiest that I’ve seen in the last times and the robbers van is… simply perfect, because it joins a great color combination with a tremendous design – I love that front!

Continuing, the museum caught easily my attention because I don’t remember a similar building in Lego city over the past years and finally just as I looked to the Police van I immediately thought: I‘ve this one two year ago… yes, the vehicle is extremely similar of the Lego 3661 – Bank and Money Transfer – as you can see by the pictures.After this initial consideration, I must say that globally the set is very good, it has two nice vehicles, a helicopter, a building and six mini-figures (two robbers and four officers). By the available pictures, at the moment, it is impressive the quantity of details that this museum has. Outside we can see a spotlight, a red carpet, and two identification plates. The color combination, light brown and grey, is also very good giving the building a formal look.The entrance is all made of glass with a couple of windows and a central door. Through them we can see that the robbers will have plenty to steal: jewelry and paintings are some of the nice accessories that the museum has inside. The plan as you can see in the set box is to rob everything and runaway through the roof. But I guess that the Police heli is already waiting for them.

The little helicopter is almost copy paste of the fire heli, present in the new fire station. Basically it has room only for the cockpit (the windshield opens for a better access) and at the left, there is an innovation: a tremendous electric power spotlight made with a lightning 2×4 brick. Surely it will look very nice.The Police Van has a very compact look, typical of a robber transportation vehicle. With a protection bar at the front, the cabin has no kind of doors and it has glass all around. Behind the cab, there is a big compartment waiting for the two prisoners. Overall, despite the initial comparison with the older 3661, this police van is very nice and there is a detail that I specially enjoy: there is a bunch of traffic and emergency lights all around the vehicles which helps to break a bit the security look.

Finally I have a big question to my favorite vehicle. Why does the robbers’ van have a trunk with a transparent door? Certainly the cops won’t have any difficulties on finding their evidences. I can understand that in terms of playability is much better for the kids to see what is inside the van but it surely looks a bit comic.Despite that small detail, as I said before, the car is very beautiful and I regret the fact that it can not be sold separately. I would by it know without thinking twice! Lego designers, if you are reading this, please accept this small tip with the condition that won’t be a city or police vehicle! There are already plenty of them.

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