Lego 60007 City – Car Chase

The High speed Chase is a great evolution of the 2011 Police chase, 3648. With about two hundred and fifty pieces, this thirty dollar set has three vehicles, a police motorcycle, a great police jeep, and a red convertible. Besides them, there are also three mini-figures: a robber with, finally, a new uniform, a police officer and an exclusive figure that is chase McCain, the main character of the Lego video game, Undercover. Talking about this one the set also brings included a special code to use in the game.

The Police Truck is different from the usual city cars, the one that I remember that is a bit like this is the Police pursuit forest truck (from the robber) but not so pretty as this one. With big wheels and a tough look, perhaps thanks to its height and to the big bar in front of the engine hood, the truck is also considerably large.

The windshield is rather different from the usual and inside the cockpit there are two available seats which this time unfortunately exclude the usual seats. With no side doors, however the cab has a couple of interesting side glasses which are definitely uncommon. At the back a big trunk has enough space to collect all the gold and the stolen money.

There nothing new to say about the bike only that is more of the same, but on the other hand the red convertible is very good this time. That is more than a convertible, that’s a racing car for sure. A small windshield, a big aileron at the back and a lowered driving position puts this vehicle on the top of my favorites.

Besides the three vehicles there are also a few interesting features such as the gold bar and the money, the police barrier that includes an orange pin and a grey spike strip to puncture the tires which honestly I don’t remember to see in any other sets.

Globally this is surely a great set to add to the city. Two great new vehicles and a bunch of features makes this set a great Christmas (unfortunately only in a few countries) set.

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