Lego 5891 Creator: The Apple Tree House

I’m very suspicious that this Apple Tree House will be one of my acquisitions next Christmas. With a good color combination, it is quite beautiful and the features, especially on the outside are many. The big green plates that constitute the garden are definitely an added value that is becoming rare in the more recent sets.

On the other hand it will be probably the first set that I‘ll buy that doesn’t have any mini-figure. One other thing that caught my attention was the big red door from the garage. It is eight pins wide but there is no kind of car to park inside. Apparently these two faults could be an obstacle, but in fact they aren’t. Mini-figures, there are bunch of them and about the vehicle, the hardest part will be to choose which one will belong here.

The Apple tree House is a 2010’s set that probably will be discontinued next year because there are at least three younger Creator’s houses on stores. However for me they are not so appealing as this one is, either because of its value for money, or even because of its great features.

The set worth mainly by the all the exterior look and beauty and its nice garage, because the entire interior is completely naked, having just a small ladder to the first floor. There are windows only at the front and walls all around which is a nice feature that doesn’t happen every time, mostly for budget and playability reasons.

Inside there are basically three divisions: the garage and a small room at the ground floor (this room could have a simple kitchen for instance) and a penthouse on the first floor with a couple of windows. Outside is where all the fun begins and where are all the motives that caught my attention.

Beyond the building’s beauty, there is lots of interesting stuff that turns this house into a great set. The big green plates add an excellent garden to the building as well as a couple of paths. The little lawn mower, the basketball table, the two bushes and the green psychedelic tree are also great details, not forgetting the mail box and the big antenna in the roof.

With more than five hundred pieces and a promotional price of thirty five dollars this will surely be a Christmas gift for me. Please have a look at the gallery.


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