Lego 4644 – Marina

The Marina is definitely one of the most colored sets. It brings a lot of playability because:

  • it has a cafe that includes a coffee machine, wall menus and even an outside table to enjoy the view,
  • a lifeguard tower ,
  • a small 4×4 wheeler,
  • 5 mini figures (a diver , a life guard, a wind surfer , a boy and a girl)
  • A windsurfer shop
  • A nice boat with room for two passengers, besides the pilot
  • Two surfing boards
  • Lots of small parts such as flags, life jackets or small lamps
  • The bridge witch is high enough to let pass other boats

On the right side of the marine, there is a two floors building, with a windsurf shop and a cafe – Paradise Cafe – in the first floor. Here, there is also room enough for a small esplanade with two seats. Below in the shop we can find life jackets, surfing and windsurfing boards and a small cash register.The left side of the Marine is connected through a tall bridge with several steps in both sides. Here there is a life guard tower with plenty of flags and a float, in case of emergency. Below there is more than enough space to park the 4X4 or even a small fire or rescue vehicle that comes to the marine.The blue boat is fulfilled with the pilot’s instruments and engine, two passengers’ seats and some equipment. Basically there is no free room on this diving boat. This set is surely a different but additional set to any town. At least is different from the usual cargo sets. Although being a very funny set, I think it’s a beat expensive.  I hope I find it with a good discount.
This set besides its size, has only 294 pieces, five mini figures and was released in 2011. If desired, the instruction can be found in the following links:

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